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Osho Jokes - Osho Mulla Nasrudin Jokes

Osho has told many Jokes. Mulla Nasrudin was one of Osho favouriate for telling the jokes and Osho has told many jokes on Sufi Master Mulla Nasrudin. Osho has clearly mentioned in his discourses that Mulla Nasrudin was a Enlightened Sufi Master who used to give insights through Jokes.

here are some selected Osho jokes on Mulla Nasrudin

1) Mulla Nasrudin was testifying in Court. He noticed that everything he was being taken down by the court reporter. As he went along, he began talking faster and still faster. Finally, the reporter was frantic to keep up with him.

2) ”What’s the idea,” asked the boss of his new employee, Mulla Nasrudin, ”of telling me you had five years’ experience, when now I find you never had a job before?”
”Well,” said Nasrudin, ”didn’t you advertise for a man with imagination?”

3) Mulla Nasrudin’s servant rushed into the room and cried, ”Hurry your husband is lying unconscious in the hall beside a large round box with a piece of paper clutched in his hand.”
”How Exciting,” said Mulla Nasrudin’s wife, ”My Fur Coat Has Come.”

4) Mulla Nasrudin had just asked his newest girlfriend to marry him. But she seemed undecided.
”If I should say no to you” she said, ”would you commit suicide?”
”That,” said Nasrudin gallantly, ”has been my usual procedure.”

5) Mulla Nasrudin was looking over greeting cards.
The salesman said, ”Here’s a nice one – ”to the only girl i ever loved.”
”wonderful,” said Nasrudin. ”i will take six.”

6) ”And are mine the only lips, Mulla, you have kissed?” asked she.
”Yes,” said Nasrudin, ”and they are the sweetest of all.”

7) ”What made you quarrel with Mulla Nasrudin?”
”Well, he proposed to me again last night.”
”Where was the harm in it?”
”My dear, i had accepted him the night before.”

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