Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Jokes, Osho Jokes

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Jokes

  1. Salesgirl to shopper: "Yes, madam, these bras come in four sizes: small, medium, large and wow!"

  2. The light in the whorehouse was out so Mimi came into the room and did not even look at the body of the man whom she was in bed with. After rolling around on the bed for a while, she stopped, looked at the guy and said, "What is this, man, don't you have one?"
    "Oh yes, I do!" answered the guy. "What I am missing is my left leg!"

  3. Two Italian woodcutters were working in the forest. Suddenly one of them missed the tree with his axe and cut off his companion's right leg in one blow. In between screams and yells the other woodcutter angrily shouts, "If you do that again, I'm-a gonna kick-a the shit-a out of you!"

  4. A Frenchman who recently arrived in New York was invited to a golden wedding anniversary. He didn't understand the celebration and asked his American friend about it. "Do you see those two old people?" asked his friend. "Well, they have been living together for fifty years and now they are celebrating their golden wedding."
    "Ah, ah!" exclaimed the Frenchman. "He live with the lady fifty years, and now he marry her. How noble!"

  5. It was morning, and she was still in her robe. Pausing in the half-open entrance door of her home, she called to the milkman who had just then pulled up to the curb.
    "Pardon me, but do you have the time?" she asked.
    "Yes," he said, "but not the inclination."

  6. The Polish Police Department send their officers for an examination before giving them promotion. Kazowinsky came back from the examination with his extra stripe and was warmly congratulated by his commanding officer.
    "Good work! Tell us all about it!" said the inspector.
    "Well," replied Kazowinsky, "we were all close until the final question of the mathematics paper. They asked us to add two and two -- I said five!" he announced proudly.
    "But Kazowinsky, two and two are four, not five!" said the inspector.
    "I know that now," he grinned, "but I was the closest!"

  7. An Italian frog was traveling to America. On his way he passed a beautiful swamp where he met a big fat American frog. He said, "How-a are you doing-a?"
    "Great!" replied the frog. "In swamp, out swamp, lots of food. Far out!"
    The Italian leaped on and met another big American frog. "How-a are you doing-a?" he asked.
    "Groovy, man, just great!" came the reply. "In swamp, out swamp, lots of food -- great!"
    The Italian began to feel very happy about his new land. He leaped on and met a tiny, skinny little girl frog.
    "What's-a wrong-a here?" he asked. "I have-a met-a two big-a fat-a frogs who said, `In-a swamp-a, out-a swamp-a, lots-a of food-a!' But what-a has happened to you?"
    The tiny frog whispered in answer, "I am Swamp!"
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