Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Osho - A beautiful woman visits a psychoanalyst

Osho - A beautiful woman visits a psychoanalyst. "Take off your clothes," says the psychoanalyst as soon as she enters.
"But really I was...."
"I am telling you to take off your clothes," insists the shrink without giving her time to answer.
"But, doctor, I came because I have a problem and I thought...."
"Don't think. Take off your clothes and don't waste my time," insists the shrink even more rudely.
The astonished and embarrassed woman takes off her clothes and immediately the shrink jumps on her.
After half an hour, the shrink, zipping up his trousers, looks at the woman who still does not understand what is happening and more calmly says, "Well, now that I have solved my problem, let us see if I can solve yours."

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