Sunday, December 28, 2008

Osho Joke on knowledgeable man

Osho : The knowledgeable man is just like a donkey carrying the load of the past – of the scriptures, of theories, philosophies and theologies. He cannot answer a single real question, although he can answer millions of unreal questions.

A Hebrew driving a small cart drawn by a donkey came to a toll bridge. The toll collector came out of his house and said, ”Here, you’ve got to pay toll before you can cross this bridge.”

”Vat! To pay toll?”
”Yes, five cents to cross the bridge.”

After an argument the Hebrew paid the five cents and went on. In the afternoon he came back
again, but this time he had the donkey sitting on the seat and he was dragging the cart himself.
The toll man came out and said, ”Here, you know you’ve got to pay five cents.”

The Hebrew shook his head, and pointing to the donkey, said, ”Don’t talk vit me – esk de driver.”
The pundit, the scholar, the academician, is just like a donkey sitting in a cart pretending to be the driver. He is not a driver. He knows nothing. Although he has gathered much knowledge, still he knows nothing.

Knowing is a totally different phenomenon than knowledge.

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