Monday, December 29, 2008

Osho Polack Joke

Osho Polack Joke

Bhavita has asked me: Osho, why do Polacks open the bedroom door while they are making love?
Osho : Bhavita, so that nobody can peep through the keyhole. This is intelligence!

Bhavita has also asked: Osho, do you know what the Polack answered who was walking home from a fair with a pig under his arm, and a guy who knew him came up to him and asked, ”Where did you get him?”
Osho : Bhavita, before the Polack could answer, the pig replied, ”I won him at the fair!”

Bhavita asks: Osho, did you hear about the Polack who tried to take his new car for its first service?
Osho : Yes, Bhavita, it wouldn’t fit through the church doors.

And Bhavita asks: Why is Polack toilet paper five hundred sheets longer than usual?
Osho : Bhavita, because the first five hundred sheets are instructions.

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