Saturday, April 18, 2009

Paddy and Kowalski are in town for a drinking spree

Osho - Paddy and Kowalski are in town for a drinking spree. After a lot of drinking, they decide to go to the hundred-story-high, revolving, Roasting Rhinoceros Restaurant for some dinner.They choose a table overlooking the city lights, but have only been sitting there for a few minutes when both of them feel the need to pee."

Can you tell us where the bathroom is?" Paddy slobbers at the head waiter."
Certainly, sir," replies the waiter, pointing across the restaurant. "Just go down the passage over there, turn left and go two steps down."

The directions are repeated again for Kowalski, who is not quite sure he knows where he is, or what he is looking for."Just remember," says the head waiter, "turn left and two steps down..."

So, Paddy and Kowalski set off across the room and down the passage. They take the first door on the left and step inside, into the open elevator shaft.One hundred stories below, Paddy slowly picks himself up off the ground."How do you feel?" Paddy asks his Polack friend, lying beside him."Not too bad," replies Kowalski. "But I don't think I can manage that second step."

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